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Foster’s Home AU where they’re all foster care kids?? I’ve been developing it for awhile, and this image took wayyy longer than it was supposed to because I kept procrastinating. OTL;; color is lazy but w/e

Bloo is the newest one there and he refuses. to take off the sheet. is a general nuisance but that’s ok, somehow manages to be loveable anyway.

Wilt has been in the system for the longest—got in a car crash or something ? he’s also the oldest and a good big brother. U < U Makes sure everyone feels at home and makes sure none of them fight or squabble, eeheeheeh.

Coco's the second oldest. She's the most expressive, despite being mute. Communicates through sign language, mostly with Wilt. They probably have the closest bond. Coco gets in scraps a lot because of her temper, and refuses to wear anything other than flipflops.

Eduardo doesn’t know English very well and doesn’t talk very much in the first place, anyway. His favorite book is “Where the Wild Things Are.” (Wilt reads it to him every night, hehe.) 

Madame Foster is their foster-mom and Frankie is her daughter who moved back in after college, I’m thinkin? I’ll develop this more later, stay tuned…!

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enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

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Sherlock AU: John’s fondness for a drink escalates since discovering that Mary is not who she claimed to be.

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this has been a public service announcement.

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I love how you can literally pinpoint the exact moment when Sherlock was like ‘whoa, Moriarty’ in that one scene

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Jim meets Mean Girls

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Moriarty - not so secretly a johnlock shipper

inspired by (X)

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'Seeeb, I was reading…'

'You'll finish after I'm finished with you'

the book has to wait, but it’s not like Jim will miss it ;>

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Sterek - Season 1

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kids just wanna have fun

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MorMor - Dark in My Imagination

I can’t stop watching this freaking vid today…

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