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public school dress code

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Baker Street

oh my gosh this is finished!!!!!!! after more than year, it is finally done!!

I do hope that you all like this as much as the old one, hopefully even more


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  • Ben c:My anaconda don't
  • Ben c:My anaconda don't
  • Ben c:My anaconda don't want none unless I'm seeing you in the loo hun
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THEY’RE MAKING A SEQUEL TO TRICK ‘R TREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nos Alive 2014 (c) Hugo Macedo

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Dylan O’Brien AKA…

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A series of fawnlocks (and a centaurlock) that I might/might not finish =D Fuzzy butts are my weakness!

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Benedict Cumberbatch being hot

X  X  X  X  X

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this is kind of a story of how i fell in love with Ansel Elgort

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if anyone remembers the story that was making rounds a while back about a 19 year old discovering the solution to cleaning up the pacific garbage patch, that project launched a fundraider which now has 7 days to reach it’s goal.

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I had a dream that I was on a plane that was about to crash but the plane managed to land in to the city. And as all the stewardesses and stuff were trying to help people and were all running around I went to the pilot cabin. I wanted rob the place or fly away with the plane but for some reason the time wasn’t right so i decided to act as if i’m sleeping so if they find me i won’t get into trouble. But when i opened my eyes after 5seconds the pilots were there sitting in their chairs. They were very frightened at first but then i was like ‘yo it’s ok, lemme chill with yew guys!’ and they did. But we we’re ready for take off yet.. so they gave me a bathing cap and were like ‘this will protect your hair from getting all static’ and then we went to the back of the plane and got champagne and started drinking and dancing. and then i pretty much woke up—

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The Fifth Estate press conference @ TIFF 2013

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*whispers* Daddy loves Sebastian the best.